Monday, May 18, 2009

Boston Globe: The nation of the armed

Pretty much your usual "liberal newspaper columnist tries her hand at shooting and explores state and local gun laws" article.

The funny thing is, they almost always begin like this...

When I first pick up an unloaded revolver, my hand trembles, and it takes me several attempts to pull the trigger...

...but, quite a few (with the obvious exception of those written by Steve "Ow! My vagina's killing me!" Bailey and John "Turnpike" Rosenthal) actually end like this.

...I loaded a .22, raised it and squeezed the trigger. I hit the target five times out of five. If the magazine had held more bullets I'd have kept shooting.

Here's the link.

I left my two cents (OK, maybe more like a nickel) there already (under my old Boston Globe account username, RKBA_in_MA).