Sunday, May 10, 2009

You Don't Say


HAMPTON BEACH, N.H. -- An effort is under way to get people to pick up after themselves when leaving Hampton Beach.

Two weekends ago, during 80-degree temperatures, residents said large crowds left the beach covered in garbage. One homeowner snapped pictures of empty food containers littering the sand and used paper plates scattering a nearby sidewalk.

"They should take it back up to the garbage cans," beachgoer Janice Norton said. "I don't want to sit around in dirty cigarettes and trash."

The state Parks and Recreation Department said it will remove 2,000 tons of trash from the beach over the summer. Supervisor Brian Warburton said some signs banning alcohol, fireworks and glass bottles have been put up, but those aren't working.

Really? Signs banning glass bottles aren't cutting down on the number of plastic bottles people are bringing to the beach? Go figure.

That said, O.C. litter pick-up, anyone?