Saturday, November 21, 2009

I Know You're All As Shocked As I Am

And, yes, I'm probably the last person to get around to blogging about this.

One of the world’s leading climate change research centres has been accused of manipulating data on global warming after thousands of private emails and documents were leaked.

Hackers targeted the University of East Anglia’s Climatic Research Unit and published the files, including some personal messages, on the internet.

Among the most damaging is one which appears to suggest using a ‘trick’ to massage years of temperature data to ‘hide the decline’.

Three things:

1. No shit.

2. 'Bout time the cover got blown off this beast.

3. If this was a multi-billion trillion-dollar scam being perpetrated by Republicans and their well-heeled special interest groups, it would be the lead story on every television news show, and front page news in every newspaper the world over, from now until the 2010 elections the sun implodes.

But, since this criminal enterprise is being run by the socialist wing of the Democrat party and their accomplices in the UN and international, left-wing academia, it's crickets time.

But, I digress.

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