Sunday, January 17, 2010

Coakley: Yeah, Scott Brown Is the Better Candidate

Martha Coakley is a woman with enough dirt in her closet (the now infamous "curling iron incident", Father Geoghan's secret deal, Fells Acre, giving a pass to corrupt Bay State pols, taking campaign cash from Big Dig lobbyists ) to bury her under a tsunami of negative ads, if any political rival ever chose to do so.

Knowing this, why would she go so negative in the late hours of this campaign, and release hit piece after hit piece, flinging mud at Scott Brown like it's going out of style?

Because, she knows that Scott Brown is to decent and honorable a person to stoop down to her level and engage in such sleazy character assassination.

She knows he'll refuse to run any ads detailing the secret arrangement she made with a child-molesting priest, or how she turned a blind eye to the corruption on Beacon Hill. As truthful as any such ads would be, they would serve only to distract the People from the pressing issues of the economy, joblessness, out-of-control government spending, and national security.

Coincidentally, those are all the issues which Ms. Coakley would love for everyone to be ignoring right about now.

For Martha Coakley, a person with so many political skeletons in her closet, to engage in such a negative, desperate, and disingenuous smear campaign is a tacit admission that (a) Scott Brown is a better, more decent person than she could ever hope to be, (b) that he would better serve the people of Massachusetts in the United States Senate, and (c) he would do so in the calm, rational and compassionate manner which the voters deserve.

Martha Coakley isn't fit to polish Scott Brown's shoes.

And she knows it.

UPDATE: Or, it could just be that Martha Coakley is a desperate, sleazebag politician with the moral capacity of a lentil husk, who sees her opponent polling above 50%, so her only pathway to victory involves smearing him mercilessly with lies and innuendo in a despicable attempt to erode some of his support.

Taste the Hopenchange.