Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Jeanne Shaheen On Taxpayer-Funded Bribery

I missed this press release earlier, but it certainly merits a mention here. What an absolute disgrace and embarrassment to the people of New Hampshire this woman has proven herself to be.

Today, our nation took a historic step forward in a quest that has spanned generations - to provide better quality and more cost effective health care to all Americans.

The only thing "historic" about that particular bill was the openness and transparency with which the leaders in Congress purchased the votes of fellow lawmakers and the staggering amount - hundreds of millions - of taxpayer dollars used to do so.

Senator Shaheen knows this.

She also knows that this bill will do nothing to control the actual cost of healthcare. But in her eyes, forcing someone else to pay for lower quality goods and services is the same thing as making those goods and services better and more affordable.

Up is down.

Fact is fiction.

The truth is a lie.

She knows this.

She simply doesn't care.