Friday, June 18, 2004

The Abu Ghraib images you'll never see

No word on when Katie Couric and Matt Lauer will be running their feature piece on these Abu Ghraib torture videos. WARNING: this is NASTY stuff, the graphic details of which I will not post on this page. Read at your own risk.
The first film clip opens with the camera showing a man standing in a bland, mostly empty room. The camera pans down to show his right hand. Folded rugs are visible in the background. The clip jumps to footage of scrub-clad "surgeons" with rubber surgical gloves...
This is the result of the pacifist theory of containment. This is the vile scum of the earth that all the anti-war protesters and human shields tried to keep in power. Fuck that. If this is what UN "inspections" and "sanctions" bring about, I'll take swift and decisive military action for $400, Alex.

Yeah, shame on us. We laughed at their pee-pees and made them wear hoods while standing on (gasp) boxes! Oh, the horror! The lack of coverage of this by the mainstream media, who brought us wall-to-wall coverage of abuses of prisoners at the hands of coalition forces, is further proof that if a story doesn't fit their anti-Bush agenda, it will conveniently be swept under the rug. Disgusting.

Reason #3,419 why John Kerry, Ted Kennedy, Nancy Pelosi, Jim McDermott and the rest of the anti-Bush socialist liberal fucktwits can kiss my pale white ass!