Friday, October 01, 2004

Mayor Still Clueless - news at 11

In the span of eight days, two women were abducted, blindfolded, beaten, and savagely raped in the gun-free utopia of Boston. All I can say is thank God these women had been disarmed by the liberal establishment in this town, else something bad might have happened to them - or their poor misunderstood victims-of-society rapists.

A 19-year-old woman walking on Hillside Avenue in Mission Hill was grabbed from behind and forced into a gray, four-door car about midnight Wednesday before being driven to a wooded area near White Stadium where she was raped, said Hill. Officials would not confirm reports the victim attends Emerson College.

On Sept. 21, a 23-year-old woman was abducted in a similar manner near the Forest Hills MBTA station by two men of the same description and taken to a house in an unidentified part of the city where she too was savagely raped.

Hill said that in both cases, the men covered the victim's face during the car ride and repeatedly beat her with a handgun to "gain (her) compliance."

Didn't these guys get the memo about kidnapping, rape, and armed assault being illegal. I sure hope that when they're caught, they get their gun permits revoked. [/sarcasm]

If you've spent more than 15 seconds reading my blog, you know where I stand on this, so let's get some other perspective on these attacks.

Boston Police Deputy Superintendent Margot Hill:

I would characterize them as extremely violent aggravated rapes. You don't want my own personal opinion of how I would characterize them.

Boston Mayor Tom "Tits on a Bull" Menino:

It's a safe city, but I think we have an issue today that must be addressed.

So much pure horseshit in one short sentence. How do you do it, Mr. Mayor? Who writes your material for you?

First of all, Tom, Boston is clearly NOT a safe city. Kids do not get shot walking home from a pizza shop in a safe city. Women do not get abducted, beaten, and savagely raped in a safe city. That's what happens in a target-rich environment created by liberal panty-waists like yourself who insist on passing laws that disarm everyone but the perpetrators of violent crime and enacting policy that serves only to brainwash people into becoming helpless, compliant victims subject to the whims of these animals.

A safe city is one in which women are empowered to defend themselves against scum like this using the most effective tools available. A safe city is one where the bad guys don't know if the good guys are armed or not.

Second, you THINK the situation needs to be addressed??? How many more murders and rapes until you're sure? You've had YEARS to address this. Get back to me on this when you've got a more firm grasp on reality, will you?

And third, what's this "we have an ISSUE" crap??? Is that all this is to you, just another "issue"? A shortage of snowplow drivers is an "issue". Double-parking in the Back Bay is an "issue". Teachers protesting for a better contract is an "issue". The lack of public toilets at City Hall Plaza is an "issue".

What we have here is a plague of catastrophic proportion that threatens our very existence as a community, that threatens the lives of every man, woman, and child who sets foot in the City of Boston.

This is about our God-given rights being ripped away by the liberal establishment in the name of feel-good, do-nothing political posturing.

This is about the government denying the people the means and even the desire to protect their families from harm.

This is about our neighborhoods going down the toilet while good people sit idly by and wait for the police and the politicians to save them.

This is about a climate of fear being foisted upon us from all directions. The drug-dealers, rapists, and thugs use fear and intimidation as a weapon to rule the streets with relative impunity. Our elected officials are using fear to convince us that we are best off having the police protect us and that we should barricade ourselves in our homes, cower at the face of evil, and wait for help to arrive.

I'm running our of stuff to break. Anyone care to join me at the range this weekend?