Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Bring Out Your Dead (Horse)

Yes, it's another Massachusetts Gun Control Success Story.

This one comes from one of our "safe" neighborhoods here in the Valley of the Shadow of Mumbles, just a few blocks from the luxury home of our esteemed junior senator.

What do you say we play everyone's favorite game, "Count the Illegal Acts Committed by This Scumbag"? I love that game!

A stranger forced his way [that's ONE] Sunday night into a Beacon Hill apartment, where he tied up [TWO] and robbed [THREE] two women and raped [FOUR] one of them at gunpoint [FIVE], police and neighbors said yesterday.

A regular freakin' choirboy we're dealing with here. Now tell me something - restricting MY right to keep and bear arms is doing what exactly to improve the quality life in the Commonwealth?

"The girls are gone," (the neighbor) said. "I don't think they're coming back."

So these women were tied up, robbed, raped, and driven away from their homes in fear, all the while suffering untold emotional and physical harm. But, hey, they're still alive, so I guess you were right, Mr. Mayor, gun control does work.

So, what can the women of Boston do to ensure their safety?

Police also urged women to be careful when walking alone. They issued a similar warning after two abductions and rapes in Jamaica Plain in September. The suspects in those attacks are also at large.

Well, that plan worked just smashingly.

Ladies, take action now! Head on down to your local police station to pick up your "No Raping Allowed" buttons. These attractive buttons are 3" in diameter, come in bright easy-to-see colors, and are now available for a $25 fee (pending applicant's criminal background check and fingerprinting). Order now and receive, free of charge, a set of four "Don't Abduct Me" buttons for your children.