Sunday, January 16, 2005

Detect a Pattern Yet?

Looks like 2005 is shaping up to be a banner year in the City of Boston for armed home invasions. This latest one happened Friday night, less than a mile from my house.

Three sought in home invasion

Intruders hold grandmother, boy at gunpoint

By Suzanne Smalley, Globe Staff | January 16, 2005

Three men forced their way into an apartment in a two-family home on a quiet Roslindale street Friday night and held a 55-year-old woman and her 15-year-old grandson at gunpoint while they ransacked the dwelling in search of money, police spokesman Michael McCarthy said yesterday.

Maritza Morel and her grandson were relaxing at home on Kittredge Street when the doorbell rang around 9:30 p.m. When Morel opened the door, the men forced their way into the apartment, hit her in the face, and tied her hands behind her back with plastic strips, McCarthy said.

One of the men, who wore a mask, pointed a gun at Morel's head and asked her in Spanish where she kept her money, police said.

Boy, I sure hope these guys didn't let their Licenses to Carry expire. They'd really be in trouble then.

The home invasion stunned the quiet block populated by families and longtime residents. A woman who lives across the street from the victims' tidy two-story house said the neighborhood is normally tranquil.

"This is pretty unusual," said the woman, who requested anonymity. "This area is safe."

OK, you go right on thinking that, I won't stop you. But, in case you hadn't noticed, a bunch of armed criminals just forced their way into the house across the street from you and assaulted a defenseless woman and her grandson at gunpoint.

Yet Mayor Menino just keeps on spouting off all the bullshit he can about how safe he claims this city is. He's been doing so for years, so often that innocent people like Maritza Morel actually begin to believe it and feel it's perfectly safe to answer their door at night when strangers come knocking. After all, given how safe a city Boston is, according to the Mayor's own words, it's probably just someone having car trouble, or maybe stopping to ask for directions, right?

Memo to City Hall: Wake up and smell the donuts, Tom. The innocent people of your city are under attack, and have been rendered powerless to do anything about it - all in strict accordance with your despicable, feel-good, do-nothing, liberal la-la land, citizen disarmament policies. Way to go, jackass.

What do you say you start standing up for the rights of the law-abiding citizens of Boston and let the criminals fend for themselves for a while? You've done more than enough to help them already. Join our team for a change.