Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Polishing the Turd

This story from the Boston Herald tries its best to put a happy face on the City of Boston's violent crime statistics for the beginning of the new year.

Boston cops have started two new programs to stem the violence that left 66 people dead last year - the highest murder rate in a decade, police Commissioner Kathleen O'Toole told the Herald yesterday.


So far, the results have been promising, O'Toole noted. The city is 18 days into the new year without a single homicide victim.

Well, that's just spiffy, Ms. Commissioner, but based on the news accounts of the last couple weeks, the trend, if you can call it that, has seemingly shifted from gangbangers and drug dealers killing each other to violent armed home invasions targeting the innocent residents of your fair city and stabbings of pizza/chinese food delivery guys - currently averaging one such incident every four days (see here, here, here, and here).

And it's the official position of your department that these results are "promising"?

Last year there were 66 murders, and five of those victims fell in the month of January, including 18-year-old Todd Williams, shot dead on a Dorchester street corner two days into 2004.

O'Toole said she is "keeping her fingers crossed," the calm continues.

Yeah, nothing like a nice relaxing home invasion to calm your nerves after a long week at home recovering from the stab wounds you got at work.

"Unfortunately, we will have our tragedies," she said.

The "tragedy" here, Kathleen, is that these crimes are being facilitated by policies enacted by the Mayor's office and enforced by your department. Stop me if you've heard this one before.

Strip the people of their right and ability to defend their families and their homes, and guess what happens. Surprising as it may be to some, the innocent become prey for the predatory thugs who are now free to act with impunity while plying their craft in our "safe city". Violent crime aimed at depriving innocent people of their material goods is a very high reward/low risk career path in the City of Boston and throughout the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

As for our legislators and public officials who are responsible for this continuous cascade of horseshit legislation and policy-making, they sure are slow on the uptake for a bunch of pansy-assed, nanny-state liberals who are so fond of prattling on about how intellectually superior and "progressive" this state is.