Tuesday, February 22, 2005


This article was in Thursday's Brookline TAB. With the long weekend approaching, I clearly wasn't my usual observant self, else this would have been promptly posted.

It seems the good doctor is looking to take his case to the federal court in Boston on the grounds of civil rights violations. Needless to say, I will be watching this quite closely. It may take me a few days to respond or to even notice the news as it is reported, but I will be watching - and posting accordingly.

What I find most reassuring here is the number of similarly-affected Brookline residents reportedly coming forward to assist Dr. Lu and his attorney in this matter. Here's hoping they fight this fight on all fronts, in every legal venue available to them, and that they drag these filthy bastards over the coals and back again.

Army doc eyes federal lawsuit

By Rick Holland/Staff Writer
Thursday, February 17, 2005

A budding Army doctor is lining his legal arsenal with additional ammunition in a lawsuit against the Brookline Police Department.

Having claimed that his hunting and target practice gun license was improperly revoked by the Brookline Police in June 2003, U.S. Army 2nd Lieut. Kang Lu was set to appear in Brookline District Court on Feb. 1 to get a judge's ruling on the matter.

That hearing, which was to have featured questioning of Brookline Police Chief Daniel O'Leary, was canceled when the judge called in sick.

After the TAB first reported about Lu's inability to secure a gun permit, his lawyer Jesse Cohen says he has been besieged by calls from other residents who also have complaints about discourteous treatment and trumped-up reasons for denial of licenses by Brookline police.


Part of Lu's complaint is that he was called by Raskin to arrange a visit "to discuss" his license application at Lu's apartment in June 2003. But Raskin used the visit to hand Lu a license denial letter, at which point Raskin - accompanied by several additional officers - confiscated Lu's firearms.

Over the coals.