Friday, February 18, 2005

Have a Good Weekend

OK, one more "Compare and Contrast" before I take an early weekend from blogging.

Compare this story I linked to earlier with this story out of Louisiana.

Both events took place in the victim's home at night:

The accuser...told investigators that she was getting ready for bed...

Georgia Belle Sullivan says she was sleeping before dawn yesterday...

Both the intruders were masked:

...A man dressed in black and wearing a ski mask...

...and had taped a sweat shirt to his head as a makeshift mask.

Both women were physically assaulted:

...grabbed her from behind, held a knife to her throat...

...that's when a man lunged at her.

But, here's where the plotlines diverge significantly.

...he tied her to her bed, gagged her and raped her...

...the man died from the gunshot wound.

Enough said.

Yet, if you listen to the liberal politicians here in Massachusetts and elsewhere, they will honestly have you believe that a women becoming a rape/murder victim with her panties at her ankles is somehow a more preferable outcome than a woman with a dead would-be rapist/murderer at her feet.

Oh yeah, sorry, they're not "liberal". They're "progressive". I keep forgetting.

OK, I'm out of here. See you Monday. Not you, Jay, I'll see you Sunday. I hope you stocked up on .30-Carbine. I'll spring for the rest. Looking forward to shooting the new SW99.