Thursday, February 24, 2005

Not Your (Founding) Father's Oldsmobile

Just a couple items from a recent TIME magazine interview with Massachusetts Senator Ted "I Wouldn't Know Hypocrisy if it Caught Fire, Crawled Up My Ass, and Died" Kennedy:

On Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist's idea to change the chambers' rules to stop Democrats from filibustering judges, the so-called "nuclear option":

"The Founding Fathers addressed this issue at the Constitutional Convention and what they did was to indicate they wanted a shared power between the Senate and the executive. Some people believe the Senate should be a rubber stamp. That's not what the Founding Fathers wanted."

Ted "I've Never Met a Gun Control Law I Didn't Like" Kennedy recognizing and honoring the intentions of our Founding Fathers? What a friggin' joke.

On the Democratic Party's trying to reclaim "values":

"I'm very, very hopeful and very bullish. I think we can win that battle. We value hard work and we value honesty. We think poverty in terms of the increased problems we're facing here is a moral issue. We'll win the battle on moral values."

Of course Senator Kennedy and the rest of the nation's marxists socialists leftists "progressives" value hard work. Where else is the money for all their social welfare programs going to come from? Someone has to come up with the cash to subsidize health care costs and college tuition for illegal aliens and their children.