Friday, February 18, 2005

Whistling Dixie

From the Boston Herald:

Woman's reservoir assault prompts warning

Authorities are warning women to use caution when walking along the Chestnut Hill Reservoir after a Boston College student was viciously assaulted.

The 18-year-old BC student told police Wednesday that two men "grabbed her, pinned her down on the ground, banged her head on the wrought-iron railing and committed indecent assault and battery," said state police Sgt. John Gentile, who is leading the investigation into the Feb. 4 incident.

Had the girl not kicked one man in the face and escaped, she probably would have been raped, Gentile said.

OK, I'm confused now. Which is it? Submit to your attacker and pray he doesn't hurt/rape/kill you? Or fight back and defend yourself? Both of these suggestions are being given as advice to women who find themselves the victim of assault.

Apparently, it's "give them what they want (as long as they don't want to harm you in anyway) AND fight back (if they do)". To help clarify things, police will now be distributing flyers containing questionnaires for women to hand out to their attackers. Once the assailants have honestly and thoroughly answered all twelve questions concerning the scope of their intended criminal activity, and afforded the woman sufficient time to analyze the data, the victim will then have the information necessary to mount her counter-attack (or lack thereof).

And once again, we are subjected to the Boston Police Department's timely community notification policy. There is simply no excuse for delaying notification of the public for TWO WEEKS after the attack took place. How many women could these vermin assault in two weeks? How far out of town could they get in that same timespan?

Gentile advised women not to walk alone at night around the area of the reservoir, which is owned by the state Department of Conservation and Recreation, and suggested they carry whistles.

Whistles, questionnaires - same thing.