Friday, March 11, 2005

Life In The Zone

Victim Disarmament Zone, that is.

Robbers torment Southie Poles

Bandits are terrorizing a Polish neighborhood in South Boston, where one deli has been hit six times in six months - including twice in one day - and even the church has been robbed.

What? You mean to say the beloved "Give the robbers what they want" technique isn't proving to be the brilliant crime deterrent some would have you believe it to be? Who could have known? What do you say we give the "12-gage blast to the midsection" technique a turn? After all, it's John Kerry's favorite gun, and he uses it to shoot cute defenseless duckies.

"We're just not sure what to do anymore. A customer comes in the door and the clerk just looks at the door and wonders if it's really a customer," said Darek Barcikowski, who co-owns Baltic European Deli with his parents.

"Everyone is on the verge of a nervous breakdown."

Yes, but why should the politicians care? As long as the people of South Boston keep voting for them, they'll keep on ignoring their needs. After all, they have their political clout to be concerned with. Breakdown, shmakedown, our leaders can't be bothered with these silly problems of the proletariat working class.

A staple on Dorchester Avenue for five years, the deli was held up with a 10-inch knife just before 6 p.m. Monday, hours after the Barcikowski family reported a break-in when they opened the shop, police and the family said.


The deli has been robbed by thieves wielding a gun or knife five times since October, Bacikowski said. One of those times his mother, Joanna, had a gun pointed to her head.

In total, the store has lost more than $2,000 in cash and spent $3,000 on a security system. Bacikowski plans to move the security monitor on the counter to deter robbers.

Note to the Heinz-Kerry's and Kennedy's - I realize five-grand is what you'd expect to pay for a haircut at Christophe's, but to these hard-working people, it's a lot of money. These people are being brutalized by violent thugs on a regular basis, and all you can do is scratch your fat white asses, dreaming up new ways to deprive law-abiding citizens of their right to defend themselves.

Where's the fucking compassion, you hypocritical pieces of shit? These people in South Boston, immigrants and the children of immigrants are the very people for whom you profess to have so much sympathy and concern.

"Our employees are scared to come to work here," said Bacikowski, whose family also owns a Polish cafe and bookstore on the same street. "They don't want to take their life in their hands."

I wouldn't want to go up against an armed assailant with just my bare hands to defend myself, either. But for some reason, the liberal establishment that runs this town has decided to deny you the right to defend yourself from harm by using the most efficient tools available to do so. And let's not forget the oft-repeated mantra of our compassionate leader, Mayor Menino - this is a "safe city".

OK, Mumbles, let's see you put your money where your piehole is. Head on down to the deli there and give the Barcikowski's the weekend off. No reporters in tow. No TV cameras. No police escort. Just you and the cash register (and the local crackhead population). I'll drop by around closing time to grab a sandwich and say hi, just to see how you're holding up.