Wednesday, March 02, 2005

More "Common Sense" in the Commonwealth

From The Outdoor Message, the official news publication of Gun Owners' Action League, comes this story of a hearing held last month at city hall in Quincy, Massachusetts regarding Quincy Police Chief Crowley's firearms license "policies" (or lack thereof). Just one more shining example of what the politicians around these parts refer to as "common sense" gun control regulations.

The next time someone tries to convince you of the benefits of discretionary licensing, and how it's used to deny firearms licenses based on sound reasoning (in the interest of public safety, of course), you have my permission to deliver a swift kick to the backside (or frontside - your call) of said individual.

The article in its entirety can be found here. I scanned it and saved it as a large JPEG file. I've pulled out my favorite bits here, but do read the whole thing - taking care to remove all breakable objects from within reach beforehand, of course.

Who does this asshole think he is - Dr. Phil?

Boy, I feel safer walking the streets of Quincy late at night knowing that vicious thugs like this have been disarmed. Thanks a lot, Chief.

If you or I swindled some unwitting citizen out of $100 selling bogus magazine subscriptions, we'd be hauled off in cuffs faster than you could say "state-sponsored extortion".

Sorry, kids, no Christmas presents this year. Daddy lost his job for no fucking reason, other than some bloated, self-righteous cop felt the need to abuse the power granted him by the overpaid, political hacks wasting perfectly good oxygen up on Beacon Hill.

Your tax dollars hard at work, ladies and gentlemen.

Pissed off yet? You damn well should be.