Friday, April 22, 2005

MGCSS du Jour

Today's somewhat belated MGCSS comes from the Allston/Brighton neighborhood of Boston (again), and offers us yet another peek into the future of the gun-free utopia being promised by our leftist gun-grabber politicians.

From the Boston Herald police logs:

"What type of papers (are) you delivering?" the knife-wielding thug asked the 42-year-old paper deliveryman from Newton before stabbing him, beating him and stealing his car on South Street Wednesday at the crack of dawn.

The victim's Nissan Sentra was later recovered.

Police report he suffered stab wounds to his shoulder, chest and left wrist, as well as a cut on his head.

Let's run down that safety checklist again, shall we?

1. Don't go out late at night. CHECK
2. Don't go into the "bad parts of town". CHECK
3. Don't go out looking for trouble. CHECK
4. Don't deal drugs, get a real job. CHECK
5. Don't carry a gun, they kill babies. CHECK
6. Get stabbed, beaten, and carjacked. CHECK

You got a problem with any of that? Tough shit. That's how the Mayor, Attorney General, our state legislature, and yes, our Governor like it. Now, shut up and get back in line, ya damn peasants.