Thursday, April 21, 2005

Shocking News Item of the Day

Lawmakers eye $15m in surcharges on auto insurers

Beacon Hill lawmakers are seeking to impose $15 million in new surcharges on auto insurers, costs that would probably be passed on to consumers, to pay for police training.


Insurance companies would almost certainly seek to pass on the new surcharge to drivers, according to Daniel Johnston, president of the Automobile Insurers Bureau of Massachusetts, an industry group. He estimated that the cost for each driver would be about $4 per year.

Gee, only $4 a year? Sounds fabulous! Whom do we have to thank for this wonderful plan?

House Speaker Pro Tempore Thomas M. Petrolati, the Ludlow Democrat who authored the bill, did not return calls seeking comment.

But a prominent cosponsor of the bill, Senate Public Safety Committee chairman Jarrett T. Barrios [I'm stunned - ed.], a Cambridge Democrat whose committee held the hearing yesterday, said the measure would fill a crucial gap while creating minimal pain for drivers. He added that legislative Democrats were only stepping in where Romney hadn't.

What a typical liberal asswipe, socialist-wannabe, knee-jerk approach to matters of state budgeting and finance - tax first, ask questions later. After all, it's only four dollars a year. Who cares that it's just one of many such "minimal pains" already being jammed down our throats.

God forbid, Senator Barrios, you should actually review police department budgets and payrolls to see where alternative cost-saving measures might be possible. I mean, it's not like some towns are paying their police chiefs 30 bucks a day for lunch or anything.

And we know there no misappropriation of funds, whatsoever, taking place in our local school departments.

Oh, wait, what was I thinking. Going after that money might anger the union bosses who expect to get their money's worth for their campaign contributions. You'd be better served going after the helpless commoners instead. After all, you've already disarmed them, what are they going to do about it? Move?


Next up: the "Population Erosion Revenue Protection (PERP) Tax Fee Surcharge".

UPDATE: Early polling results look encouraging.