Monday, May 09, 2005


Remember, folks, these are merely simple "common sense" gun control laws we're talking about here.





Sticking to their guns

DEDHAM -- On an April afternoon seven years ago, Joseph Landers walked out of the M&M Food Shoppe on High Street with a sub sandwich in one hand, a pizza in another, and a stainless steel handgun holstered on his shoulder underneath his coat.


Landers' coat was not entirely zipped up that day, and when the wind blew it open, a Dedham Police officer across the street zoomed in and noticed the gun. Upon request by the officer, Landers produced a valid five-year license issued in 1995 to carry the gun. But the problem was, state law required that he keep the weapon concealed.

While the officer let Landers go without an arrest, the Adams Street resident soon after received notice from Dedham Police Chief Dennis Teehan that his Class A license to carry firearms had been revoked due to the incident.

To protect (their cushy jobs) and serve (their over-blown egos). Just one more self-righteous, power-hungry so-called "officer of the law" trampling on the rights of those he's sworn to protect - and all with the blessings of the state. Nothing but another disgrace to the uniform who needs to be strung up by the nutsack, alongside Police Chiefs O'Leary (Brookline) and Crowley (Quincy). Honestly, what an asshole (apologies to actual assholes - nothing personal)!

Seriously though, all joking and name-calling aside, what gage piano wire would be most effective in that capacity? I'm thinking two F-sharp's up from Middle C.

But wait, there's more (there always is, unfortunately).

By denying a license to carry, Teehan has also limited the types of weapons Landers can hold in his vast historical collection. That's what bothers Landers the most.

Whereas Landers still has pistols and rifles from the Civil War and other 1800's conflicts, he cannot possess 20th century weapons such as the W.W. II model M-1 carbine. To even possess such weapons in his home for display, Landers needs the Class A license to carry firearms, but all he has right now is a Firearm Identification, or FID, card, a more basic license that does not allow "large capacity" cartridge guns like the M-1 carbine.

(or the mere possession of ANY handguns)

Hypothetical question: If Dedham Police Chief Teehan and State Senator Jarrett Barrios were both in the same room with you, which of the two would you knee in the nuts first?

Decisions, decisions. Remember, it would be "for the children".

I'd write more, but I'm way too pissed off right now.

(link via KABA)

UPDATE - Good news (maybe) for Dedham gun owners: I found this story linked to the one above in the Daily News Transcript. The story, from last November is now archived, but the opening paragraph says enough.

DEDHAM -- Police Chief Dennis Teehan announced he will retire next year, having served more than 17 years at the post and 33 years overall on the force. Teehan, 54, said he would pursue a job somewhere else, but was not sure where yet.

Good riddance. If you're planning on applying for a gun license in Dedham, you might want to wait until the door closes behind him. I say "might" because we all know the new guy might be even worse (shudder).