Thursday, May 05, 2005

I'm Off For the Weekend

I'm headed to the left coast for the weekend, going to a wedding of one of my wife's high school friends. But, I didn't want to skip out of town before leaving you with this.

Would be thief foiled by pharmacy owner

(Arlington, MASS - AP) — A would-be Oxycontin thief exchanged gunfire with the owner of an Arlington pharmacy this afternoon.

He escaped without being hit.

Police say the man entered Maida's Pharmacy just before three p-m this afternoon, intending to steal Oxycontin.

But the owner pulled a gun and the two fired shots at each other.

Nobody was hit and the alleged thief took off in a black Cadillac with an accomplice.

Police are searching for the two men.

And this happened in Massachusetts? Will miracles never cease? What a way to start my weekend.

One closing comment: Get thee to the range, sir.

Stay safe, all.