Thursday, May 12, 2005

Redefining "Arrogant" on a Daily Basis

POST UPDATED (5/13) - see below

OK, it's no secret - I'm not a big fan of Boston mayor Tom "Mumbles" Menino.

(waits for waves of disbelief to die down)

But, I was literally speechless as I watched the local news last night and saw Mumbles strolling around the neighborhood in Dorchester where John Beresford was recently stabbed to death while confronting the thugs who had just grabbed a friend's purse in the nearby park. It seems Mr. Beresford's grieving partner of eight years, Adam Greenfield, decided to confront the mayor and actually express the desire to talk about the problem of violent crime in the city.

Well, this clearly ran contradictory to Menino's plan to show up, shake hands, shed a sympathetic tear, and regurgitate the same old "the city is safe - we're going to get tough on crime" horseshit, so Mr. Greenfield was told to take a hike. This event was all about the Mayor getting some good PR and some camera time as the election draws closer - little people be damned. Sound familiar?

It was nice of him, though, to make sure all the local news crews arrived and had their cameras rolling before he began "extending his condolences" to the neighborhood.

From the Boston Herald:

What was supposed to be an opportunity for Menino to extend his condolences - on a day he coincidentally was supposed to meet with Beresford about the park - turned into a publicity nightmare when Greenfield wanted to talk about the city's safety shortcomings. Greenfield was pursuaded [sic] to bring up the issue another time.

"The people all should be safe and there's thugs," Greenfield told Menino. "Something like this is very scary."

The money quote:

Menino asked for the public's help in capturing the suspects who murdered Beresford, saying, "Those hoodlums are not going to take over our streets."

Um...that's what Mr. Beresford was TRYING to do, you moron!

UPDATE (5/13): I really don't feel the need for additional commentary on my part - just read.

Slain Samaritan had armed himself with drill
By Franci Richardson and Peter Gelzinis
Friday, May 13, 2005 - Updated: 03:42 AM EST

The good Samaritan who was stabbed to death as he tried to stop a purse snatching in his Dorchester neighborhood was armed with a drill when he confronted the hoodlums who killed him, sources told the Herald.