Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Compare and Contrast

Here we go again.

Compare and contrat the stories of Judith Kuntz of Indialantic, Florida and Gerda Bissett of Boston, Massachusetts.

Two broken windows late at night.

Investigators believe Preston broke the glass to a back window...

...a window leading into the victim's first-floor apartment had been broken.

Two unknown intruders.

...she heard the noise and saw the man's shadow in the doorway to her bedroom...

...burglar who broke into the home of a 97-year-old Jamaica Plain woman...

Two drastically different emergency response plans.

...the widow pulled out a .38 caliber handgun...

...the woman...hit a medical alarm button she usually wore around her neck to summon help...

Two tragically different outcomes.

Kuntz then fired from about 10 feet away, striking Preston in the chest. He staggered into the yard, collapsed and died.

...Bissett's bloodied body was wrapped in a rug and her face was purple with welts and bruises...

Now. Can someone PLEASE explain to me how some folks 'round here can rationalize through their actions that the vicious murder of an elderly woman in her home is somehow a more desirable scenario than a dead criminal, killed by a law-abiding citizen defending her life with the will and the means to do so?

Mr. Mayor?

Senator Barrios?

Anyone? I'm all ears, people.

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