Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Life in Crime-Free D.C.

This post is dedicated to Ken, a commenter to this previous post, who sincerely believes that taking legally owned firearms away from law-abiding citizens is a logical approach to fighting violent crime in our communities.

I noticed that Ken has refrained from submitting any follow-up comments once his worn-out gun control talking points were torn to shreds. Perhaps he's waiting for some new material from Senator Barrios' office.

Come on, Ken. Let's see what else you've got. We were just getting warmed up.

Police Search For Man Robbing Hotels

WASHINGTON -- Investigators with the Metropolitan Police Department believe the same man is responsible for three armed hotel robberies, in the Dupont Circle area of the District, in a little more than a week.

How can that be? I thought it was illegal to carry a handgun in the nation's capital. I'm shocked!

Here's the money quote:

Police have issued an alert to hotels to look out for a lone man in dark clothing with a ski mask or scarf covering his face demanding money at gunpoint.

Yeah, that might be a decent indicator that something's amiss.

Also, this story via Ravenwood:

Woman Robbed at Md. Metrorail Station

NEW CARROLLTON, Md. -- Authorities are searching for a car that was stolen at gunpoint from the New Carrollton Metro station this morning.

Metro spokeswoman Lisa Farbstein said a woman was robbed at gunpoint after parking her car in the garage on the Maryland Route 450 side of the station shortly after 5 a.m.

Yes, I realize this happened in Maryland, where it's theoretically possible for citizens to obtain a permit to carry a firearm, but Washington Metro property is one big happy "gun-free" zone. Perhaps someone could add the e-mail address of the local carjackers union to the distribution list. It appears they didn't receive that particular memo.