Wednesday, July 27, 2005

File Under: P.I.M.Y.P.W.U.D.O.D.R.U.R.I.B.

(formerly known as: Stupid Dead Kids)

It seems there are people out there who stumble across this blog and seem to have a difficult time allowing reality to enter their sheltered spheres of existence.

So, in the interest of protecting their delicate sensibilities, I am renaming these posts (or at least this one), "Poor innocent misguided young people whose untimely death occurred as the direct result of unintelligent, reckless, and/or illegal behavior".

Note: The word "accident" appears five (5) times in this story from the Billerica Minuteman. An "accident", my friends, is when one of my three-year-old daughters doesn't quite make it to the potty on time. This dipshit flat-out killed himself.

Police have cited drag-racing, extreme speed and alcohol as the most likely causes of a fatal two-car accident early Wednesday morning on Bridle Road Billerica Police Lt. Commander Jack Glavin said.

Charles Ware, 17, of 36 Hilltop Road, was pronounced dead at the scene at 76 Bridle Road after authorities found him thrown from his late model Ford Explorer, Glavin said.


And, just out of curiosity, what's a 17-year-old do for work to make the payments on a "late model Ford Explorer"? That's a lot of grocery bagging.

"I think what this boils down to is a case of very bad judgment," Glavin said.

That's putting it gently, Jack.

UPDATE (7/28): The Boston Herald has these gems today.

Yesterday, dozens of friends stopped by the crash scene, leaving behind flowers, a wooden cross and a marijuana pipe.

The future of America, ladies and gentlemen.

"(Ware) would do anything for anybody," said Joshua Cote, 16, of Billerica. "It doesn't matter what they were doing, because he's gone now."

Look, Josh. I'd hate to shatter this little bubble of idiocy you've encapsulated yourself in to protect you from all the gnarly bummers of reality, but it sure as hell does fucking matter what your moron friend was doing.

Are all kids your age as fucking stupid and ignorant as you seem to be here? The way you kids can just write off the death of a friend as merely being part of the cost of being a teenager today is sickening.