Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Here's One Journalist Who "Gets It"

It's pretty nice to stumble across this kind of honest reporting for a change. A few more stories like this one, and one might think some folks out there are starting to catch on.

City police investigating slaying in pizza parlor

A 24-year-old man was fatally shot Tuesday night inside a Near-Northside pizza parlor.


At the pizza parlor, warnings posted above the entrance include "No Drugs," "No Pets Allowed" and "No Loitering Please."

There also is this one: "No Weapons."

I guess they forgot to put up their "No Murder Allowed" sign.

I'm impressed that the writer of this piece, Kevin O'Neal, actually made the effort to emphasize the last sentence there by making it the stand-alone closing paragraph. Well done, Kevin.

You can reach Mr. O'Neal by e-mail at Feel free to drop him a line and let him know you appreciate his willingness to highlight the feel-good, do-nothing policies of establishments, such as Butler's Pizza, that post these "No Weapons" signs, expecting them to serve as some kind of violent criminal repellent.