Friday, July 29, 2005

You Naive Little Peons

Just because you pay the city for goods or services doesn't mean they're under any obligation to give you anything in return. Does this really come as that much of a surprise to anyone? OK, I can understand some folks getting upset over this, if they're in the process of moving to Boston.

As if moving into a new pad on the narrow streets of Beacon Hill and the North End weren't hard enough, the delicate task is being made more difficult by scofflaw drivers who ignore temporary "no parking" signs and lax city enforcement, officials acknowledge.


The city charges $36 for two cardboard signs which must be posted 48 hours prior to a move. The signs can be purchased only by a licensed moving company, which costs customers an additional fee of up to $80.

Boston Transportation Department workers and Boston police can ticket or tow vehicles that park in spots marked by the temporary signs but BTD officials admit violators are often overlooked.

"The permit is meant to give them an opportunity to get a parking space. It's not a guarantee," BTD spokesman Jim Mansfield said. "We will ticket cars there but we can't guarantee that a vehicle will be towed."

We can, however, guarantee that you'll never see your money again. But, thank you for your prompt payment, regardless. Now, run along.

I'd like to see this articles closing quote from Greg Keane, owner of Titan Moving, serve as the inspiration for the newest Massachusetts state motto:

Massachusetts: Just TRY to play by the rules...we dare ya.