Monday, August 01, 2005

Home Sweet Home

Remember, according to our highly-enlightened "we know what's best for you" elected officials, there's no reason anyone needs to own a gun in such a safe neighborhood as mine, right?

I mean, incidents like this being reported in the paper are obviously figments of some over-zealous reporter's imagination.

Thursday, July 21-At about 11:30 p.m. last Thursday night, a 25-year-old unidentified Braintree man working security for El Taino at 417 Hyde Park Avenue, Roslindale, saw two black males running across Hyde Park Avenue towards him. The suspects then began shooting multiple times at the bouncer. Police found about 30 bullets from a 9 mm handgun in front of the restaurant.

But, I thought we had all these "common sense" "gun safety" laws on the books to make it illegal to possess, among other things, these super-deadly "high-capacity ammunition feeding devices"? Given that, it should be fairly easy to catch the shooters involved in that attack. After all, the only people who are allowed to posses these high-capacity "baby-killer" magazines in the City of Boston are police officers. So, that should narrow down the list of suspects considerably.

I mean, it's not like us regular folks would ever have a need for that much defensive firepower, right?

The older woman told police that she and her daughter were attacked by a group of 15 teens.

Menino was "outraged" to hear of this, I'm sure.

As this article in the Roslindale Transcript points out, shootings, gang and drug activity, vandalism and breaking and entering continue at a "healthy" pace in the neighborhood. So much so, that City Counclior Rob Consalvo called a community meeting to address the problem. Yes, now were having meetings! Look out, bad guys! Responding to police plans to re-evaluate how calls from the neighborhood are handled, he said:

"This was extremely helpful. As time changes, we need for our strategies to change."

Really? You don't say.

Say, Rob (ponders the writer as he embarks on a mental journey of sheer futility), I have an idea.

Finally, this sad tale:

A woman who said her father is suffering from Alzheimer's disease told police that they should take her dad's ammunition, which included among other items, four full boxes of Winchester AA 12-guage and four boxes of Remington skeet loads.

Now THAT's a tragedy. Eight boxes of shotgun shells sure could come in handy at the upcoming Northeast BloggerShoot.