Thursday, September 08, 2005

Are You Ready For Some Football?

I know, I know. It feels like it's been months since the Patriots won their last Super Bowl. Well, buckle up, kids. The wait is over. Football season is upon us at last!

Naturally, much of the talk among the "experts" is centered around the Patriots' chances of winning an unprecedented third consecutive championship. Some are saying it's unlikely, due to the recent departure of some key members of their coaching staff. Others say it's entirely probable, given Bill Belichick's ability to make the best out of what he's got and Tom Brady's proven leadership skills.

This latest Yahoo Sports poll is running 2:1 "Nay".

Here's a quick look at the last seven teams that had the opportunity to win a third consecutive Super Bowl title. Three of the seven made it as far as the conference championship game, while another three failed to make it to the playoffs. Could this be the year Payton Manning figures out a way to beat Tom Brady and bring a conference title home to Indianapolis?

As I am fond of saying, we shall see.

1999 Denver Broncos (6-10)
Last place AFC West

1994 Dallas Cowboys (12-4)
1st place NFC East
Lost the NFC Championship Game to San Francisco (38-28)

1990 San Francisco 49'ers (14-2)
1st place NFC West
Lost the NFC Championship Game to New York Giants (15-13)

1980 Pittsburgh Steelers (9-7)
3rd place AFC Central

1976 Pittsburgh Steelers (10-4)
1st place AFC Central
Lost the AFC Championship Game to Oakland (24-7)

1974 Miami Dolphins (11-3)
1st Place AFC East
Lost AFC Divisional Playoff Game to Oakland (28-26)

1968 Green Bay Packers (6-7-1)
3rd place NFL Central