Saturday, September 24, 2005

Good Guys 1, Bad Guys 0

I was planning on taking a break from blogging over the weekend, really, I swear. But, I couldn't pass up posting this important update to this previous post.

No Charges For Homeowner Who Killed Intruder

(AP) ROCHESTER, NH - The attorney general says a Rochester, New Hampshire man who fatally shot a home intruder won't face criminal charges.


Authorities say Gaedtke had ignored several verbal warnings to leave before Hammann reached for his gun. They said at the time of the shooting, Gaedtke was naked and headed toward a child's bedroom. He died of a single shot to the chest.


UPDATE: More from the New Hampshire Union Leader:

Investigators also revealed yesterday further bizarre behavior from Gaedtke that led to the shooting. He was reportedly naked and clutching a tube of mechanical lubricant when he ripped down a window screen and climbed into Hamann's house.


Hamann told police that he warned Gaedtke to get away when he spotted the intruder on the roof outside the couple's bedroom. Jocelynn Hamann hurried from the bedroom, grabbed her 1-year-old child and called police, according to investigators.

At the same time, Hamann showed Gaedtke his unloaded handgun as a further deterrent but Gaedtke entered the couple's bedroom and walked down a hallway toward a second bedroom where Hamann's wife and youngest child were, according to Ayotte's office.

During the home invasion, Gaedtke reportedly yelled, "I'm coming to get you," repeatedly and was in a hallway between Geoff Hamann and his family before Hamann, who served in the U.S. Marines, loaded his gun and shot Gaedtke. Investigators said there was no evidence of a previous connection between the Hamanns and Gaedtke.

The world is a better place today, because of people like Mr. Hamann. This man is a hero in every sense of the word. Anyone who would seek to deprive him of his God-given right to protect his wife and children from scumbags like that can kiss my white Scotch-Irish-Canadian-American ASS!

Line forms on the left, Ted.