Friday, September 23, 2005

Rope, Tree, You Know the Drill

Remember 10-year-old Christina and the letter she wrote to Mayor Menino asking him to address the problem of violent crime running rampant in her public housing development? Remember his courageous response cop-out?

Menino said he read the letter. "I was moved. It took a lot of courage for her to write it." Menino said cuts by the federal government have resulted in fewer police officers to patrol the city's housing developments.

And, I suppose this is Bush's fault too, eh, Tommy-boy?

I-Team: High Paid City Worker Caught Off The Clock

(CBS4) BOSTON An exclusive I-Team investigation. Your hard earned tax dollars going to waste. Our hidden cameras catch one of Mayor Menino’s political operatives tucked away in a high paying job in the Boston Police Department. I-Team reporter Joe Bergantino has the disturbing results of a two month investigation.

Until recently, Jim Sullivan was one very lucky guy. He’s Mayor Tom Menino’s top political operative in Brighton. And he’s been head of the Boston Police Department’s Central Supply Division, a city job that has paid him $97,000 a year. His responsibilities: to keep track of all of the Boston Police supplies, as well as seized property and evidence stored at this warehouse in Hyde Park.

A demanding job? Well on one particular day Sullivan shows up for work at 11:56 a.m..

At 3:09 p.m., our cameras watch Sullivan leaving for the day.

Total time on the job: 3 hours, 13 minutes.

So what else did Sullivan do that day?

At 3:20 p.m. our hidden cameras caught him grocery shopping at Roche Brothers in West Roxbury.

By 4:24 p.m., he was back to his apartment in Brighton for the rest of the afternoon.

An unusual day for Jim Sullivan?


The I-Team watched Sullivan for several days over several weeks.

His routine: Get to work in the afternoon and leave after only a few hours.

Average number of hours worked: about 3 hours a day.

On two of the days we trailed Sullivan, he didn’t go to work at all.

His time sheet? It says he was at work for eight hours every one of those days.

Hmmm...let's see. Hire a handful of additional police officers to combat the rising violent crime in the inner city, or divert those precious taxpayer dollars toward the hiring of a couple political hack flunkies for high-paying, do-nothing, no-show jobs?

Real tough fucking choice, ASSHOLE!

What a reprehensible douchebag. Who keeps voting for this clown?

Keep in mind, Jim Sullivan wasn’t fired for what amounts to stealing from taxpayers.

He’s still on the police payroll, now making $83,000 a year. As for Sullivan’s secretary, the wife of one of the Mayor’s best friends, a police source tells us she won’t be punished for filling out Sullivan’s falsified time sheets because she wasn’t the boss. One big question here-how many other political operatives are tucked away in no-show jobs in Boston city government and how much are they costing all of us?

Disgraceful beyond measure.