Thursday, October 27, 2005

Did the NRA Kill Kevin Garces?

That's what West Roxbury High School teacher, Tim Casey, would like you to believe.

Death of a teen and the NRA

October 27, 2005

FORGIVE MY anger, but I have to express my outrage over the juxstaposition of two stories in the Oct. 25 Globe. Kevin Garces, the teenager who was killed over the weekend, allegedly for his leather jacket (City & Region), was one of my students. He was one of the nicest kids I had ever met. He was a hard worker, his attendance record was excellent, and he always made me laugh. I was priviledged to know him. I've spent this afternoon going over his grades and crying. Our city has lost an outstanding citizen, and we are all poorer for it. Unfortunately, I am sure that I will have a long list of such tragic endings to promising lives before I retire from teaching. Every one of them will rip my heart out.

After reading of Kevin's death, I read that the NRA has guaranteed that anyone being given shelter in a FEMA facility will have the ability to be armed to the teeth in case they get angry at their desperate situation and decide to lash out at others around them.

Kevin's blood and the blood of millions of other children is on the hands of the NRA and every one of its members.


The writer is a science instructor at West Roxbury High School.

And this man is in charge of educating our children?

Mr. Casey, I will forgive your anger. Anger is a natural human response to a senseless tragedy such as this. But, I refuse to forgive your ignorance on this matter. I honestly don't even know where to begin the process of blowing holes in your inane attempt at rational discourse here.

Is it the NRA's fault that an 18-year-old was going out late at night in Roxbury "to have some beer and then go dancing" wearing an expensive leather jacket? While I wouldn't place the blame solely on Mr. Garces for his murder, I'd be hard-pressed to argue he exhibited sound decision-making that night.

To blame the nation's law-abiding gun owners for the poor judgment of an individual who should have known better, and the actions of a sub-human criminal scumbag is, well, pretty typical, actually, of the enlightened "progressives" in our neck of the woods here.

I'm going out on a limb now and predicting that when Mr. Garces killer is arrested, it will be learned that he has an extensive criminal record, including - but not limited to - assault and battery, unlawful possession of a firearm, and armed robbery.

And I will guarantee that somewhere along the line in the judicial process, this individual has stood before a "compassionate" judge who saw him as a helpless "victim of society", and offered him a lenient sentence on the condition that he promised to behave himself in the future.

Will that have been the NRA's fault?

Recent scientific studies have shown that criminals doing time at Cedar Junction in Walpole do not shoot people in the head on the streets of Roxbury. I know that might come as a bit of a surprise to someone of your intellectual capacity, but there you go.

And if you honestly think that posting "No Guns Allowed" signs anywhere will have an impact on the criminal use of guns (or hatchets, tire irons, steak knives, Oldsmobiles, etc.) against defenseless law-abiding citizens located within these "gun free" fantasy zones, then you - like so many others I have encountered in similar discussions - are likely beyond any level of psychological help I could provide on this website.

The fact that you are being paid (with my tax dollars) to "educate" the children in our community is more than a little troubling to me.