Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Mary, Mary, Why You Buggin'?

Mary Mapes: Taking "Stuck on Stupid" to new, never-before imagined heights.

Jesus, but this broad just can't keep her trap shut. I guess she thinks bad publicity is better than no publicity at all. Mary, honey, here's a little free advice, do with it what you will.

Cut your losses and shut the fuck up already.

CBS' Mary Mapes, in 'Vanity Fair,' Defends Role in 'RatherGate'

NEW YORK In the upcoming December issue of Vanity Fair, Mary Mapes, the CBS News producer who lost her job after the disputed "60 Minutes II" Bush/National Guard report, writes, "I must answer the bloggers, the babblers and blabbers, and the true believers who have called me everything from 'feminazi' to an 'elitist liberal' to an 'idiot.'

"If I was an idiot...


...it was for believing in a free press that is able to do its job without fear or favor.

And, if I was an idiot, I'd probably share her belief that the first amendment of the Constitution applies only to mainstream national media outlets, the opinions of which are to be taken by the peasant underclasses as incontrovertible fact.

Yes, she is this ignorant, apparently.

...I didn't know that the attack on our story was going to be as effective as a brilliantly run national political campaign, because that is what it was: a political campaign."

So, according to Mary, Mary Quite Contrary here, the "attack" on her George Bush Air national Guard "story" was a "political campaign"?

Hmmm...what's wrong with that picture? Let's check the old "CBS:English/English:CBS Dictionary", shall we.

story (noun) - A major television network's "news" department runs a story on President Bush's alleged shirking of his Air National Guard duties from 30+ years ago, based solely on forged documents obtained from a politically-biased source, just weeks before the presidential election, with the sole purpose of sinking the re-election hopes of a sitting U.S. President.

Note: the producers involved with this "story" in no way equate their actions to those of a "political campaign".

attack (noun) - A group of ordinary American citizens, communicating via the internet, demonstrates in a matter of hours that the documents presented by the producers of this "news" program, as proof of their assertions, were in fact forged using modern word processing software unavailable at the time the documents were supposedly created - a revelation that the network has yet to fully acknowledge.

To those on the left who would reply to this with cries of "Get over it!" and "Move on, already!", try suggesting that to MENSA Mapes there. As long as these idiots persist on opening their pieholes and regurgitating this old worn-out assfodder, I'll be here, along with countless others, to follow up on it and fly the proverbial Bullshit Flag when needed.