Thursday, November 10, 2005

Mumbles Unveils His Latest "Plan"

I'd honestly like to say I was shocked to read this.

Pointing to the rising number of shootings in Boston, Mayor Thomas M. Menino is calling for a "handgun summit" in New England and raised the possibility of random police searches of cars crossing into the state to intercept illegal weapons.

I had to re-read that to make sure I read it correctly. Yep, that's what it said. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Translation: I have no plan clue.

I don't even know where to begin with this latest bit of idiocy to dribble out of his oxygen-depraved brain.

A "handgun summit"?

Give me a break! What are we? The U.N.?

Don't answer that.

How about a "criminal" summit? Or a "Why the hell can't we lock up these scumbags?" summit?

Menino, speaking a day after his landslide re-election over Maura Hennigan, said guns are no longer just coming to Boston from the South. Weapons are filtering in from New Hampshire and other abutting states, he said.

He raised the potentially explosive issue of random searches as a remedy.

"Potentially"? Yeah, like you're potentially the biggest moron* drawing breath in the Commonwealth today.

* OK, so it's two-way tie between Menino and State Senator Barrios. What would you say to pistols at 20 paces to settle this?