Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Why Is It...

...that a carjacker, looking for money to support his drug habit, has more of a state-protected right in Massachusetts to shoot my family dead and take possession of my Grand Cherokee, than I do, as a taxpayer working for money to support my family, to use a handgun to prevent him from doing so, and save the lives of my wife and daughters in the process?

...that the rights of gays to marry in Massachusetts must be preserved, on the grounds that it is unconscionable that a majority of the people would be allowed to impose their will and moral values on the minority, but it's perfectly acceptable for our liberal-dominated state legislature to cram reams and reams of gun control laws down the throats of the relatively small number of gun owners remaining in the state?

...that "common-sense" restrictions on abortion access, such as requiring parental consent for 13-year-old girls seeking abortions, are vilified as gross violations of one's constitutional rights, while laws prohibiting the most law-abiding of citizens from possessing a 12-round handgun magazine (vs. a "safe" 10-round magazine) are hailed as "common-sense" gun safety measures?

...that someone who requests permission from the state to carry a firearm with which to defend himself from the dangerous, violent criminals in our community will be denied such a request on the grounds that it's too dangerous to allow people to even own guns, given the number of dangerous, violent criminals in our community?

Just askin'.

The preceding post was brought to you today by the
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