Saturday, February 04, 2006


I've got some good news, and some bad news.

The good news: Jacob Robida, the worthless piece of subhuman fecal scrapings who brutally assaulted the patrons of Puzzles Lounge in New Bedford the other day has been apprehended. Well, to be more accurate, he's currently in critical condition in a hospital in Missouri after taking two in the hat in a shootout with the police.

The bad news (and it doesn't get much worse than this): The happy ending described above occurred only AFTER the aforementioned piece of subhuman fecal scrapings shot and killed a police officer in Gassville, Arkansas.

Story here: Teen wanted in gay bar rampage is caught

So, explain to me again, Senator Barrios (or Mayor Menino, or Representative Toomey, or Senator Kennedy, or John Rosenthal, or any one of you useless gun-grabbing tools) the benefit of having the patrons in that bar disarmed and unable to do anything to repel that horrifying attack and prevent this rabid piece of asscheese from running off into the night to continue his spree of violence and murder.

Then, explain to me again, if you would, the rationale behind our "common-sense" gun laws that serve only to assure violent, maniacal shitheads like Robida here that none of their intended victims will be in any position to offer up any form of resistance to their violent impulses.

Then, if you don't mind, please explain to the family of Officer Jim Sell how utterly f***ing ecstatic you must have felt when you heard on the morning news that not one customer in that bar was able to stop this scumbag from carrying out his brutal, hate-fueled rampage and assist him with the shedding of his mortal coil, thereby keeping him from his deadly roadside motel parking lot [update 02/05/06 - ed.] encounter with their loved one.

And then, after you've finished regurgitating some half-assed excuses, comprised mainly of cut n' pasted Sarah Brady talking points, in an attempt to justify your anti-liberty, pro-criminal ideology, kindly go f*** yourself.

Thank you.

One other note - I have to disagree with this assessment of the situation.

Jacob D. Robida, 18, was shot twice in the head and "it doesn't look good right now," said Massachusetts prosecutor Paul Walsh Jr.