Sunday, February 05, 2006

Consider This a Tax Cut


BREAKING NEWS: Jacob B. Robida, 18, wanted in an attack on a New Bedford gay bar, has died of gunshot wounds he sustained in a shootout with police in Arkansas, according to broadcast reports.

Now, go buy yourself something nice.

UPDATE: More details here.

Good. Fucking. Riddance.

The citizens of Massachusetts are already getting sufficiently raped paying to patch up the leaks in the Big Dig, paying the salraies of no-show, cush-job hacks, and picking up the tab for our legislators who feel no obligation to "render unto Caesar", as is required, under pentalties of prosecution and imprisonment, of the steerage class (to name but a few shining examples).

The last thing we needed was to see this assmonkey and his attorney standing before a judge explaining to the people of Massachusets how he wasn't hugged enough as a child, and how society is to blame for his being such a fucking loser.

The joy I feel over this scumbag's imminent decension into Hell is tempered only by the sadness I feel over the innocent lives that were destroyed at his hands, and the utter disgust I feel over how preventable these deaths were and how our "leaders" are doing nothing to see that future victims of this kind of abject hatred and direspect for others might be able to defend themselves in the face of such evil.

"Cower and Pray" can never be the mantra of a free people.

But, then again, welcome to Massachusetts.