Sunday, March 05, 2006

12-Step Program For MA Gun Buyers

GOAL responds to "The Billboard", and provides this detailed explanation of what a Massachusetts resident must do to purchase a handgun outside of Massachusetts - LEGALLY.

1. The individual must possess a License to Carry Firearms under Massachusetts General Law Chapter 140, Section 131. (A felony is an automatic lifetime disqualification for this license.)

2. The handgun that is to be purchased must meet the manufacturing requirements of 940 CMR 16.00 and MGL Chapter 140, Section 123. These regulations and laws restrict the makes and models of handguns that can legally be sold in Massachusetts.

3. The handgun must also meet the requirements of MGL Chapter 140, Section 131M which bans the possession, sale or transfer of high capacity magazines.

4. If the handgun is owned by a private citizen in another state, the handgun must be transferred to a federally licensed dealer (18 U.S. Code 923).

5. Once in the possession of the dealer, the handgun information must be placed in the dealer'’s permanent records (Bound Book - 27 CFR 178.125).

6. Then the firearm must be transferred to a licensed dealer in the state of Massachusetts. The dealer must be licensed under federal law (18 U.S. Code 923) and state law (Chapter 140, Section 123). Again, the handgun information must be recorded in the in-state dealers Bound Book.

7. The proposed Massachusetts buyer must then appear in person to the Massachusetts Dealer and present their valid License to Carry a firearm and identification.

8. The buyer must complete a federal form ATF 4473 answering question about 17 different questions regarding their status as a qualified individual.

9. The dealer must also fill out a state form FA-10 which contains the information of the seller/dealer, the buyer and a description of the firearm. The form must then be signed by the purchaser.

10. The dealer must then conduct a background check on the proposed buyer through the National Instant Checks System.

11. If the dealer is equipped through the new Massachusetts Instant Records Checks System (MIRCS), the buyer must submit to a digital scan and recognition of their fingerprints.

12. If all the checks have passed, the dealer must instruct the buyer on the safe use and operation of the firearm and provide a tamper resistant mechanical locking device that has been approved by the Colonel of the Massachusetts State Police.

13. If all of the above steps are met, the transaction may take place.

Needless to say, it's much less complicated for a Massachusetts resident to ILLEGALLY "scoop up" a handgun out of state - only four simple steps.

1. Drive to New Hampshire (note: as of the writing of this post, this particular activity has not been outlawed by the Massachusetts General Court).

2. Find someone willing to sell you, a non-resident, a handgun without conducting a background check - in violation of federal law, and New Hampshire state law should you happen to be a convicted felon.

3. Purchase said handgun - in violation of federal law.

4. Return to Massachusetts with your new handgun - in violation of both state and federal law.

Yet, John Rosenthal, Mumbles Menino, and the rest of the idiots running the Stop Handgun Violence ad campaign would have you believe that the people currently buying and/or selling handguns ILLEGALLY out of state will immediately cease this illegal activity, and become model citizens, as soon as these neanderthal states come to their senses, adopt Massachusetts-style gun laws, and start treating their law-abiding citizens like crap.

It's worked wonders here.

Come on, man! Quit it! Your facts are, like, really starting to harsh on my mellow, man! You dig? Besides, we don't, like, believe in facts, dude. Our way of life is all about what feeeeels good, man. Here, have a plastic five-gallon bucket to, like, bang on, dude.