Thursday, May 11, 2006

The Man Who Would Be Governor (cont.)

From Channel 4 - Boston:

Sting: Retailers Selling Illegal BB Guns To Minors

A sting operation by the Attorney General's office found six Internet retailers and one local store owner illegally sold "look-alike" air rifles and BB guns to minors.

Note, the guns aren't "illegal", per se. It's just "illegal", per Massachusetts state law, for minors to purchase them. Granted, making all guns "illegal" is Reilly's long-term goal/wet dream here, but it's simply not an accurate description of what's going on here - a misleading headline, at best.

"These are not toys, these are very dangerous, dangerous weapons," Reilly said in a morning press conference at the Marlboro Police Department.

Ooooh...dangerous times two.

"Airsoft BB guns - now, with twice the danger!"

Of course, as if I need to remind anyone, Reilly considers a $5 plastic slingshot to be a "dangerous weapon". News flash for you, Tom. I could jab a pencil in someone's eye, and guess what! That pencil then becomes a "dangerous, dangerous weapon"!

Shouldn't you be working toward getting some kind of pencil ban in place around here? You know...FOR THE CHILDREN!TM

The guns, commonly called "airsoft" guns, are high powered, often semi- or fully automatic, and fire plastic or metal pellets that can cause serious harm.

When dealing with idiots like this, what isn't? A .223-caliber rifle is "high powered", according to this knucklehead. But then again, so is a 9mm Uzi. Essentially, for those of you keeping score at home, if it fires a projectile of any size or weight, at any given velocity, it's a "high powered" weapon and must be banned.

Got it?

They pose an additional safety risk because they are designed to look and feel exactly like real guns. Many air rifles and BB guns bear brand names, model numbers and logos.

Damn it, if only they wouldn't have those violent numbers and words etched on the sides of them...

"Distribution and sales to minors, under these circumstances over the internet, is illegal under Massachusetts state law," said Reilly.

Wait, don't put away your Tom Reilly scorecards yet, kids. Gotta make sure you have "No BB guns for kids" listed in the "Will Enforce THESE Laws" column, right under "No cranberry sauce sales on Thanksgiving".

Here's the kicker...

The Attorney General told CBS4's Dan Rea, he wants to go one step further, "Should there be a national policy that prevents the distribution of these weapons over the internet? Yes there should be."

Heaven forbid we should allow adults to freely purchase legal-to-own items without being required to get this doucheknob's stamp of approval first.

I feel so much safer now, knowing he's looking out for me.

No official word on whether Reilly wants to ban the nationwide internet sales of "Wild Thing" chainsaws, "Typhoon" meat cleavers, or "Lazer Destroyer" cricket bats.

For crying out loud,'s a veritable marketplace of death! BAN AMAZON NOW!

Where's the Consumer Protection Advisory warning the good people of Massachusetts about the imminent peril posed by this Merchant of Mass Destruction?

What an ass.