Monday, May 08, 2006

Another Population Decline On the Horizon?

Could it be that the criminal population of the Massachusetts General Court might actually see a decrease next year? Now, that would be a welcome development.

BOSTON --Sen. Dianne Wilkerson, D-Boston, has fallen 37 signatures short of the number needed to guarantee a spot on the Democratic primary ballot, Boston election officials said Monday.

By law, a candidate for state senate must submit at least 300 certified signatures from within the district. Election officials said that while Wilkerson submitted 491 signatures, only 263 were eligible for certification, leaving her 37 signatures short.


She has until 5 p.m. on May 25 to play the race card contest the ruling.

In five, four, three...

Wilkerson, 51, had no Democratic challenger, but she does have a Republican opponent, newcomer Samiyah Diaz.

Diaz doesn't fit the stereotype of a Massachusetts Republican. She...

That whooshing sound you just heard was the gender card flying out the window, black...

along with the race card,

...and Hispanic...

the ethnicity card,

...a single mother...

the class warfare card,

...and a Muslim.

and the religion card.

She's virtually untouchable. What's the Wilkerson camp to do? Suggest to their candidate that she run on her record? Surely, you jest.

What option do they have, though? To mount any kind of attack against Ms. Diaz here would fly in the face of the celebration of diversity, which - as we've been led to believe by Ms. Wilkerson and her ilk - is paramount to our very survival as a species.

She is also a law student at New England School of Law, and lives across the street from Wilkerson's house in the city's South End neighborhood.

Yeah, but is she a convicted tax cheat? Has she ever been accused of misappropriation of campaign funds? Does she have ANY criminal record at all? Just who does she think she is?

Does she think it's easy to get re-elected year after year, while simultaneously defrauding both the state government and the voters in one's district?

Multitasking of that magnitude, my friends, takes a "special" kind of candidate, and based on her background, it doesn't appear that Ms. Diaz is up to the task.

And I thought the current round of Big Dig scandals was going to be entertaining to watch.

Pass the popcorn.