Saturday, May 06, 2006

All the News That's Unfit To Print

Alternate Post Title: A Tale of Two Guns

From Not the Boston Globe:

A woman and her boyfriend were home when the burglars knocked on the door. As the man opened the door, three men forced their way in, Miami-Dade police said in a report.

The man's girlfriend watched in horror as one of the men held a gun to her boyfriend's head, police said.

This armed individual is of the variety which Mayor Menino insists the good people of Boston rely on for mercy and compassion in a situation such as this.

The woman fled calling police on her cellphone and running to a neighbor for help.

Her neighbor armed himself with a handgun, walked into the couple's house and -- after an exchange of gunfire -- shot and killed one suspect.

This armed individual is of the variety that Mayor Menino wants to eradicate.


I'm still not getting it.