Thursday, May 04, 2006

Say "Cheese!"

From the Boston Herald:

Pol seeks cameras in cruisers

Video cameras would be installed in every Boston police cruiser under a city councilor'’s proposal he says will drop the number of assaults on cops and help make solid drunken driving convictions.

"I think it will make you think twice before you attack a police officer," said Councilor Rob Consalvo, who sought a hearing on the topic during yesterday'’s City Council meeting.

Just like they've helped eliminate bank robberies and convenience store hold-ups?

The only people whose behavior would likely be affected by having cameras in the cars are the cops themselves, not the criminals they're pulling over on Blue Hill Ave. at 3:00 in the morning, folks reknowned for their sensible thinking and rational actions.

Criminals will always behave in a criminal manner.

It's what they do.

This whole idea that the lack of cameras will somehow cause law-abiding folks to suddenly snap and randomly attack police officers, knowing they're not being taped, is horseshit. Where are all these roadside cop attacks we should be reading about every day?

This train of thought is right up there with the belief that the presence of a firearm in the hands of a law-abiding citizen will magically send him over the edge and cause him to shoot up a gas station.

In other words, it's nothing more than your typical Boston City Council mentality on display. No news here. Move along.

For the record, I support the idea of having video cameras in police vehicles, provided that they cannot be disabled or have the recording erased by the officers on the scene.

If I were to find myself pulled over by the police one night, for no apparent reason, and felt I was being treated unfairly by the officer in question, I know I'd like to have a video recording of the incident to use in court to defend myself against any bogus charges filed pursuant to that traffic stop.

I suspect Councilor Rob "Satellite" Consalvo doesn't exactly share my perspective on this.

I wonder how the police officer who passed me on Washington Street in Dudley Square this morning would feel about video cameras in the cars of us common folk.

Did I mention that he passed two lanes of stopped traffic on his right, driving the wrong way in the oncoming traffic lane, through a red light, making an illegal right turn, while driving his personal vehicle, in order to get a good parking space?

You think I'd get a full-cavity body search ticket for that?