Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Another "Hard-Working" "Taxpayer"

Alternate Post Title: Jay, Is Your Trebuchet Free?

Anyone who's spent more than four minutes listening to Boston radio talk show host Howie Carr can tell you that two of his biggest pet peeves are illegal aliens and pit bulls. Well, here's a story that's sure to have Howie torn.

SAN DIEGO – A man with a lengthy criminal history was sentenced to three years in prison Tuesday for beating his dog so badly it could not walk.


Enrique George Hernandez, 39, was accused of punching his 2-year-old pit bull named Ozzie at least 10 times with such force it was lifted off the ground...


Hernandez, an admitted methamphetamine user, has been in and out of jail for the last 23 years for crimes that included beating his wife, assault with a deadly weapon and entering the United States illegally.

Well, that's quite the contribution to the American way of life this "temporary guest worker" has been making all these years, Mr. President.

[Superior Court Judge Howard] Shore acknowledged that Hernandez had an abusive childhood...



Cry me a friggin' river. Then explain to me why this should be our problem, and not that of whichever third-world country Mr. Hernandez crawled here from.

...and had been trying to improve himself in prison by taking anger-management and self-improvement classes.

Well, golly, doesn't that make us feeeeeeeeeel good?

"But this is a crime that calls out for punishment," Shore said.

As opposed to beating one's wife?

"An animal is especially vulnerable. It can't call police, it can't call for help."

Nor can a woman who's in the process of being violently assaulted by some junkie scumbag who, in the name of common sense, should have been deported decades ago.

Of course, based on the rhetoric coming from the pro-illegal alien camp the past couple of weeks, it seems I'm some kind of hate-filled, xenophobic racist for wanting this useless piece of shit removed from American soil in as expedient a manner as possible.

"People who are violent with animals are often violent with people," [District Attorney Bonnie] Dumanis said. "We don't want him abusing anyone ever again."

And, this time we mean it.


(link via South Park Pundit)