Friday, May 05, 2006

Mustang Patches

Here's a thought. Maybe, if Patches spent more money on his favorite local limousine service...

...he wouldn't have to spend so much on vehicle maintenace/repair.

And from the Too Good To Pass Up files:

(click for larger image)

UPDATE: Michelle Malkin on Kennedy's press conference:

Rep. Kennedy says "I struggle every day with this disease...the chronic disease of addiction."

Translation: I am changing the subject.

UPDATE: Keeping the Kennspiracy theories alive...

Show of hands - who thinks it was actually "gasoline" that was purchased on the last two packie runs trips to Cumberland Farms, itemized on this list?

I suppose a gallon and a half of gas in February could have been for his snowblower?

Wait a minute, that would imply some level of menial, physical labor.

Never mind.