Monday, May 08, 2006

Stop the Presses!

The Boston Globe actually ran an AP story out of Florida yesterday about a father using a handgun to defend his family from an armed assailant. I don't know if it made the print version, but here's the link from

Dad fatally shoots robber; son injured

A father fatally shot a man who tried to rob his family as they waited in their sport utility vehicle for a summer camp enrollment to open, authorities said.

Of course, I suspect they went with the story hoping that this part was due to some amount of negligence on the father's part.

The father's 10-year-old son was injured during the shooting, but it wasn't immediately clear how. The boy, Brevon Ricks, remained hospitalized in critical condition late Saturday, officials said.

Anything that can help bolster the old, worn-out "43 times more likely" line of crap is a good thing to those among us who would like to see all the evil, scary guns in the world disappear.