Sunday, May 07, 2006

Scumbag of the Week

I hope these useless pieces of shit OD on whatever drugs they manage to score with the 200 bucks.

Man, 87, Robbed While Raising Money For Veterans

(CBS4) ATTLEBORO He survived a Nazi prison camp, and now police are searching for two suspects who robbed an 87-year-old man outside an Attleboro doughnut shop. He was collecting money for needy veterans.

Nyzio, a World War II POW has seen a lot. But what happened to him when he was collecting money for the VFW annual fundraiser has stunned him.

"I can't think of a human being that could be so lousy to steal from veterans that are protecting you," he said.

Nyzio was at the entrance way of an Attleboro Dunkin Donuts shop, handing out poppies and collecting donations for veterans, when a young man walked in.

"He was well-dressed," said Nyzio. "He was cleanly shaved and everything. He looked like a college guy. He just grabbed the jar and took off with the jar."

All the money was in the jar," added Nyzio. "I was really mad cause what we're collecting for -- when you think of the poor guys that come back -- you know some of them come back with an arm missing ... with a leg missing."

Police say the thief took off with about $200.

And, from the top-10 list of "Most Profitable Pay-Per-View Events in History":

As for Nyzio, he said if he were younger, the thieves wouldn't have gotten away.

I'd gladly pay $29.95 to watch that beatdown. Money's tight, so I'd have to ask the rest of you to kick in for chips and salsa if you're coming over.