Thursday, July 20, 2006

Boston Globe "Correction"

Well, they're getting closer.

Correction: Because of a reporting error, a story in yesterday's Living/Arts section about a Manchester, N.H., firing range mischaracterized Massachusetts gun laws.

You don't say.

Residents with a Class A gun license may purchase semiautomatic weapons.

The funny thing here is, the Globe article in question never stated otherwise. Perhaps, this is a pre-emptive correction for a soon-to-be published piece they're planning on screwing up in the near future.

Now, to clarify their "correction" - semiautomatic weapons can also be purchased by Massachusetts residents holding either a Class B License to Carry (for non high-capacity handguns, and semi-auto shotguns, and rifles), or a Firearms Identification Card (for non high-capacity semi-auto shotguns and rifles).

Residents without a Class A license may shoot semiautomatic weapons at a gun range or gun club that holds a Class A license.

As well as automatic weapons (machine guns) at gun ranges and clubs in the Commonwealth, properly licensed for such.

Certified police firearms instructors or firearms collectors who hold a machine gun license may purchase machine guns.

How long before Jarrett Barrios sponsors legislation to close this anti-child safety "loophole"?

Also, the story should have made clear that US laws prohibit private ownership of fully automatic machine guns manufactured after 1986. The Uzi mentioned in the story was never illegal because it was made before 1986.

And, therefore, not impacted in any way by the now-defunct federal ban on scary-looking semiautomatic weapons.

All in all, a decent correction, by Boston Globe standards. I'm guessing they received quite a few letters in response to that article.