Monday, July 24, 2006

Can I Get a Ruling Here?

So, I finally got around to taking the Ruger 10/22 down to the range yesterday to get the new scope dialed in. After 'bout a half-hour of twiddling around with it, it was getting "pretty close", so I sent the F.U.N. target downrange to give it a spin.

(click for larger image)

Can I get a ruling on the second target in the fourth row?

(click for larger image)

Class: Scoped rimfire rifle
Distance: 50' (man, I gotta get this rifle outdoors)
Score: 21 (or 22) of 25, pending resolution of the above.
Ammo: Federal bulk pack High Velocity .22LR (ou know, the real expensive stuff from Walmart)

A couple clicks on the elevation (it just had to be the scope's fault that I was shooting low), and I was good to go. Shot a perfect score on the next target, which shall remain nameless in an effort to protect a certain blogger from charges of conspiring to assassinate certain legislative assbiscuits.