Friday, July 28, 2006


Doesn't this piece-of-shit lowlife sound like just the kind of individual the mayor claims will be deterred from a life of crime, if only we could pass a "common sense" law requiring microstamping of a gun's serial number on the spent cartridge casings?

Duarte, 24, walked up to the man who had slapped the girl, standing near 242 East 9th St., and told him and his several friends, "If you want to shoot someone, then why don't you shoot me?" said the girl whom Duarte defended . (Her name is being withheld because she fears for her safety.)

According to the teenager and other witnesses, one of the men pulled out a large gray rifle. Duarte was shot four times, falling onto an asphalt - covered lot bordered by two large red-brick buildings, making him Boston's 47th victim of homicide this year and the first in South Boston .

Yeah, right.

Also, from the Boston Herald:

A heartsick Southie neighborhood is mourning the senseless slaying of a 24-year-old father of three who friends and family say took a bullet for a young woman who’d been beaten up.

Alberto Duarte of Roxbury was dedicated to his tots and is the last person one would expect to die in street violence, said his friends and family, who erected a memorial in his honor at the Old Colony housing projects, where he was shot and killed at 1 a.m. yesterday.


Duarte’s loved ones exchanged harsh words with police yesterday when, 15 hours after his murder, they pointed out shell casings just feet from the crime scene that police apparently missed. Officers cordoned off the area and took the casings as evidence.

Step 1: Locate, document, and collect spent shell casings.