Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Another Kennedy Victory


Wow, this week is shaping up to be one big Massachusetts Gun Control Success Story. Defenseless people throughout the Victim Disarmament Zone of Massachusetts being assaulted by brick- and cleaver-wielding thugs, and now this.

Stoneham Man Severely Beaten During Home Invasion

Two masked men burst into a home in Stoneham early Wednesday morning and attacked the owner.

That has got to be a typo. Home invasion is against the law.

A neighbor called police at 1:15 a.m. after hearing noises inside 10 Clearview Road. Officers arrived and found two men running out the back door.

One suspect was arrested but the second got away. Police also found a .45 caliber semi-automatic gun near the scene.

Pity that sentence doesn't read, "Police also found several .45 caliber slugs in the torsos of the assailants."

The victim, a man in his 60s, was severely beaten. He was taken to Winchester Hospital with undisclosed injuries.

Unable to defend himself on the receiving end of a severe beatdown, the unarmed homeowner is sent to the hospital, while his assailants remain unscathed. Chalk up another win for the gun banning control safety movement. Two more scumbag lives saved!

29-year-old Bernard McCabe of Tyngsboro is scheduled to be arraigned later today in Woburn District Court. Investigators believe this was a random assault. We're told the gun found at the scene was reported stolen in Hudson, New Hampshire last November.

But...but...our fearless leader Mayor Menino keeps telling us that buying a handgun in New Hampshire is as easy as buying a pack of gum, on account of the lax gun laws up there. Why would anyone have to steal one? Mumbles wouldn't be full of shit, now, would he?


Perhaps, if New Hampshire would adopt a "common sense" law limited the frequency with which guns can be stolen to one theft a month, tragedies such as this might be averted in the future.[/mumblogic]

UPDATE: Via WHDH (Channel 7, Boston):

Two elderly men assaulted in Stoneham

STONEHAM, Mass. -- Police are searching for a suspect involved in a break-in and attempted robbery after two men are attacked in a Stoneham home invasion.

The incident took place on Clearview Street around 1 a.m. this morning.

Two masked suspects broke in and tried to rob two elderly men living there.

One of the victims ran to a neighbor's house, who happened to be a Stoneham Police detective.

Now, it might be purely coincidental that the cop's house wasn't targeted, but I suspect otherwise. If there's one thing a criminal likes, it's an easy target - preferably one that can't shoot back.

Further, if having a cop living next door couldn't prevent the home invasion and the ensuing beatdown from taking place, do you honestly think dialing 911 is gonna save your ass in a similar situation?

FID Cards are "shall-issue" in Massachusetts.*

Get a pump-action shotgun.

Learn how to use it.

* This means that if you're a resident of Massachusetts with a clean record (as defined by relevant sections of the M.G.L.), the chief of police in your town will have to issue you this permit, no matter how big a prick he might be about it.

UPDATE II: From the same link above (updated this afternoon). This one wil have you rolling on the floor in utter disbelief over the sheer magnitude of its shockingness.

29-year-old Bernard McCabe of Tyngsboro was charged with armed home invasion, assault and battery on a person over the age of 60, receiving stolen property over $250, use of a firearm in the commission of a felony - subsequent offense, and carrying a firearm without a license [well, DUH! - ed.].

Thank God he wasn't in prison where he likely still belongs! I mean, he might have injured his cellmate in a fight over the remote control. We wouldn't want that to happen.

Any guesses as to how much time (in days) he served for his previous conviction(s?) of "use of a firearm in the commission of a felony". I'm taking 60.

Behold, dear readers, the depraved philosophy of gun control and the cycle of liberal ideology that drives five easy steps.

Step 1: Whenever possible, spare violent criminal offenders the indignity of having to serve any prison sentence that might be construed as a reasonable punishment, given the severity of the particular crime(s) committed.

Step 2: Ban the private possession of firearms for all non-criminals, on the grounds that there are simply too many lawless, violent individuals walking the streets who might steal them and use them to hurt children and kittens.

Step 3: Violent crime happens, anyway. Because, that's what violent criminals do.

Step 4: Ignore Step 3.

Step 5: Repeat.


McCabe was ordered held without bail pending a dangerousness hearing.

That better be one short fucking hearing.