Friday, August 18, 2006

Ask Not For Whom the Cuckoo Clock Tolls...

This Boston Globe article tells us pretty much everything we need to know about Catherine Mayo, the woman who freaked out on that Washington D.C.-bound United Airlines flight, resulting in its being diverted to Logan Airport the other day.

Mayo told about her 1960s activism. About her love of Cat Stevens and Howard Dean. ... And about her shame and anger at America.


Her court-appointed lawyer, Page Kelley, said Mayo suffers from mental illness...

You don't say.

Mayo did not comment in court yesterday, but the picture that emerges from her intensely personal writings and from brief interviews with her family is that of a longtime liberal activist who became angry and devastated by the turn of events in the world since Sept. 11, 2001.


"She has a very serious mental illness," Kelley said.

Emphasis on "very". Terrorists killing innocent Americans by the thousands? We brought that on ourselves. They're forgiven. American troops going overseas to actually kill terrorists and topple the tyrannical regimes of those who support them? To paraphrase Marvin the Martian, "That makes her very angry! Very angry, indeed!"

"This case is not about terrorism. This is a case about somebody who is mentally ill. She has a history."

Yeah, a history of being a hopeless, delusional pacifist, who honestly believes that there's a peaceful solution to every crisis we face, and that all the violence, poverty, and oppression that exists throughout the worlds is America's fault.

One of Mayo's three sons, Josh, 31, described his mother as a peace activist and said she had been in Pakistan since March. "I guess she just had a bit of a bad time on the plane...

Yeah...just a bit.

...and everybody's a little paranoid," he told Associated Press.

"Paranoid"? Try "vigilant".

Her former [I'm shocked. - ed.] husband, William Mayo, has said she had "emotional issues."


Her lawyer said yesterday that Mayo's family said she "has a problem being grounded in reality" that has required past hospitalizations.

Look, it's one thing to be a Democrat opposed to the war in Iraq, for whatever your reasons. But until someone in power on the left side of the aisle stands up and calls this woman out for what she is - a mentally-unstable, radical, leftist ding-dong - she and her kind will continue to be the public face of the Democrat party seen carrying the "Blame America First" banner into the 2006 elections and beyond.

Note to Democrats: You don't want this to happen continue. Trust me.

Oh, and, here's a little something for the Volvo, Catherine.